Spring 2023


Interview with Richard Hoffman — by Ann Beman

Richard Hoffman’s Remembering the Alchemists Review by Editor Ann Beman


Ysabel’s Secret Journal — Nonfiction by Jim Ross

Jesse Flowers Nichols — Nonfiction by Travis Nichols

At the River Country Nature Center, Nebraska City, NE — Flash Nonfiction by Stephanie Carpenter

Guilt Pie — Flash Nonfiction by N.M. Campbell

How Did His Garden Grow? — Microfiction by Brian Beatty

Men I grew up with — Poetry by Ellen Stone

Sasquatch Witnesses the Immolation of General Sherman — Poetry by Jared Beloff

Unsavory Single Women — Poetry by Jennifer Clark

How Mike Survived the War — Poetry by Maria Terrone

The Feast — Poetry by Mark B Hamilton *

Two Poems — Poetry by Mark DeCarteret

Two Poems — Poetry by Mary Elizabeth Birnbaum

The Last Dance at Paradise (Harlem) — Poetry by Matthew Johnson

Two Poems — Poetry by Therese Gleason

New World — Poetry by Mark McKain

New Hampshire—A Beginning  — Poetry by Connemara Wadsworth 

Around the Bend in LA — Poetry by Susan Eyre Coppock

On a New Mexico Prairie — Poetry by Alexander Etheridge

Three Poems — Poetry by Kim Jacobs-Beck


Downeast Flamenco, a Cultural Heritage That Never Was — by Mark Gallini

The Unexpected Poetry of NextDoor Digest — by K.E. Flann

What We Keep — Amy Cates


Six Songs by the Cornelius Eady Trio

Review of Sodra Jane’s Spider Mother — by Ryan Dillaha 

Trixie’s Big Night: Harlem Hellfighters, Race in World War I America, and the First Blues Singing Contest — Essay by Gregory P. Granger, Ph.D.


A Magic Hovers — Andrew Arkell, Beryl Brenner, Caroline Parks, Doris Morgan Rueda, and Katie Shapiro

In the Company of the Obsolete — Suran Song, Ash Hagerstrand, and Anita Giraldo