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Letter from Executive Editor Allison Blevins

reviews & interviews

“Food Americana” Interview with Author David Page

David Page’s “Food Americana: The Remarkable People and Incredible Stories behind America’s Favorite Dishes”
– Review by Editor Ann Beman


This is Not a Dialogue — Flash Essay by Donna Miscolta

Gray on Green on Brown — Fiction by Scott Nadelson

Man Abe and Family Tree — Two Flash Fictions by Margaret Erhart


Attic — Poetry by Jessica Purdy

Black Hymn for My Past and Future Family and grandaddy hits on a cute thing — Two Poems by Malcolm A. Robinson

Listening to Manage the Year — Poetry by Lauren Camp

Telling Time — Poetry by Terry Bohnhorst Blackhawk

Nikola Tesla // Malala Yousafzai and César Estrada Chávez // Robert Frost — Two Poems by John Sibley Williams

What I Learned from Ambrose Bierce — Poetry by Rikki Santer


Bigfoot Family Dinner — Humor by Sylvia Cumming

Best Moments from the All-Female Reboot of “Reservoir Dogs” — Satire by Sarah Totton


Dumb Grace: Why Ben Stalets Must Imagine “Everybody’s Laughing” — Review by Editor John Freeman

Emily Rose’s “Missouri River Bridge” — Essay by Jason Storms

art & photography

The Art of John C. Mariner

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