Today’s Top Posts:

Car break-in, rosary stolen

Car break-in—they’re baaack!

Stolen Ghosts

Water smells of sulfur

Thunderstorms could be on the way

Join my group: Modern Day Witch

Today’s Top Posts:

Lady stealing from elders

Flip phone is missing

Can’t find onion soup bowls

Seeking hip replacement toilet seat

Missing Florida ID

Lacking computer help.

Today’s Top Posts:

Something wonderful is going to happen…

Spa for free

Celebrity Sighting

Free birthday parade

EVERY SUNDAY, there will be a flea market

A tan Pug strutting down the sidewalk.

Today’s Top Posts:

Pie hunt

Pie parade

Are you a home baker?

This is where to get pies

Looking for a loving home 

for Cookie.

Today’s Top Posts:

Never understood why folks 

add sugar to their grits

It is abominable despite its reputation

Even the exterminator thinks 

this is unsavory

I like doing pancakes with onion rings!

They are a bonded pair. 

Today’s Top Posts:

I just saw this thing in the alley

Anybody recognize this?

Very odd.

What is it?

Let’s get it!

Make me an offer—no clue what it is.

Today’s Top Posts:

Anyone lose a cat?

Do you recognize this kitten?

Have you seen this cat?

Is anyone missing a kitten?

Anyone missing a cat?

Is this someone’s “Hewwo” Kitty?

Is anyone good at catching cats?

Today’s Top Posts:

What’s your favorite candy?

Kit Kat is found!

The kids are thrilled!

ISO of a Dentist

Need dental cleaning


Today’s Top Posts:

Is anyone else interested in creating 

a relaxed poetry club?

For all cat lovers!

For all pizza lovers!

For all ocean lovers! 

Let’s search the ground for flat rocks. 


K.E. Flann’s work has appeared in McSweeney’sThe North American Review, The Gettysburg Review, and others. She is the author of  How to Survive a Human Attack: A Guide for Werewolves, Mummies, Cyborgs, Ghosts, Nuclear Mutants and Other Movie Monsters, as well as a craft book and two short story collections. More NextDoor poems can be found daily on Twitter