the museum of americana

a literary review

Issue 27 — Spring 2022

MOA 27

reviews & interviews

Tim Hunt’s Ticket Stubs & Liner Notes  Review by Clara Burghelea

Tim Hunt’s Voice to Voice in the Dark  Review by Clara Burghelea



Mae and Nichelle, in Space and on Earth — Nonfiction by Lisa Ampleman

The Billboard — Fiction by Maxim Matusevich

Mud Bogging: The Last Ride — Nonfiction by Carrie Blough

Homeplace — Nonfiction by Michael Brantley

Little Oeuvre, Little Token, Little Tree — Flash Fiction by Marc Vincenz

Sheep People — Fiction by Jen Soong

The Sea is Also a Garden — Nonfiction by Rekha Valliappan



In Search of Color: A Zuihitsu of Mark Rothko’s Untitled — Poetry by Heidi Seaborn

an american ode to macy’s — Poetry by Emma McCoy

Someplace called The War (Middletown, CA) and Still Life with Steam Tractor and Quarter Horses — Poetry by Tim Hunt

Heredities — Poetry by Jose Hernandez Diaz

Avenue B, 2007 — Poetry by Andrea Janov

The History Major’s Museum and Dear 1975 — Poetry by Anna Leahy

Magnitude 7.6, San Francisco, 1906 — Poetry by Mikki Aronoff

What Childbirth and the Moon Landing Have in Common — Poetry by Sally Ashton



Gallery of America: Our Lesser Icons — Humor by Chris Sumberg

Ping Pong Today — Humor by  Shana Genre



Nostalgia and Cruelty

Inward Lenses

Flags, Flags, Flags

LA Ghost Wheels


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