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Best of the Net Nominations for 2019

the museum is delighted to share our Best of the Net anthology nominations. Best of luck to these amazing writers!


“Potluck” by Derek Barry    (Issue 15)


“Corn” by Alexandra Umlas   (Issue 15)


“Magnum Boasted 7 Phones in 1901” by Ryan Clark   (Issue 16)


“Everyone Waits at the DMV” by Allison Blevins   (Issue 17)


“A Staked Plain” by Sara Ryan   (Issue 18)


“Recreating Sue” by Zilka Joseph   (Issue 18)




“Makeshift Raft” by Matthew Guenette   (Issue 17)


“A Man with Horses” by Peg Alford Pursell   (Issue 18)





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