Fall, 2022 — Queering Americana


Kelly J. Ford’s Real Bad Things — Review by Editor Ann Beman

Real Bad Things — Interview with Kelly J Ford


Queer Highways — Essay by Cass Francis  

Pilgrim Pleasure Principle — Nonfiction by Christian Emmanuel Castaing 

Turtleback Orange — Fiction by John Zic  

Front Porch — Fiction/Nonfiction Hybrid by Robin Lippincott  

My Best Acquaintances — Fiction by Chris Huntington 

Friend to Gnawledge — Fiction by Julian Mithra


Whiskey Deep — Levi J. Mericle


Amending the Hanky Code for Modern Queer People — Humor by Robert Vetter


Representing Queerness — Guest Juror Juliana Rico


Limulus Poetry — Timothy Nolan

sea/salt/sugar/phones — Sam Moe

Eight of Pentacles — Robert Beveridge

Dolly Parton performs “Will He Be Waiting For Me?” for the Butterfly Nebula, twenty quadrillion miles away — Meghan Kemp-Gee

The First of July, 1784 — Mar Garcia

To Make the Dressing — Linda Lamenza

Two Halves — Laura Foley

Charles Bukowski — Cameron Morse

Some People Are Casualties Of Season Songs — Bradley David

sunday school learning — Anduriña Panezo

I Try for Love Again, It’s 1991 in the 909 — Alejo Rovira Goldner