reviews & interviews

Allison Coffelt’s Maps Are Lines We Draw — Review by Editor Ann Beman

Interview with Allison Coffelt


Bartender’s Blues — Nonfiction by Kelly Shire 

Passive Trading: A Story of Resistance on Wall Street — Fiction by Matthew Mercier

Fog — Fiction by William Auten


Four Poems by Ryan Clark

Three Poems by Babo Kamel

Emanuel Pinkston Loved to Vote — by Norbert Krapf

Five Poems by Susan Martinello

Drive Through the Morning Museum — Poetry by Daniel Edward Moore

Somewhere in America — Poetry by Mike Pantano

Two Poems by Audra Puchalski

Soup du Jour — Poetry by Clayton Spencer

Three Poems by Emily Vizzo


Don Duprie’s Rules of Songwriting

art & photography 

FRONTEXTOS: Text/Image/Resistance — Mixed Media by Octavio Quintanilla