MOA 26

reviews & interviews

Amy Butcher’s Mothertrucker: Finding Joy on the Loneliest Road in America — Review by Editor Ann Beman

Interview with Amy Butcher

Gary Thomas’s All the Connecting Lights Review by Linda Scheller


Jeopardy — Flash Fiction by Meg Pokrass  

Goodbye, Long Island — Fiction by Lexi Pandell  

Blue Claw — Fiction by Megan Corrarino  

A History of Whales — Fiction by Shaunacy Ferro

Diorama: Great Chicago—Fire, Water, Stone — Nonfiction by Christine Butterworth-McDermott

My Great American Ornament — Nonfiction by Don Noel


Emerald Rough and To the Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown — Poetry by Jonathan Aibel

Deadline — Poetry by Alise Alousi

Which Star Wars Character Are You — Poetry by Ace Boggess

Reenactment and Waste — Poetry by Annabelle Bonebrake

Phoenix — Poetry by Sue Chenette

All Souls Procession: Tucson — Poetry by Geraldine Connolly

April from the Air and Lines Composed Above a Burning Tire Shop in Nashville, Tennessee — Poetry by William Notter

Down in the Country It Almost Make You Cry and All, Rise — Poetry by Kyle Vaughn

Old City Cemetery — Poetry by Andy Young


Elegy for the Cassingle— Nonfiction by Amorak Huey

Things I Learned from 1970’s TV — List by Michael S. Gormley

The Secret Lives of School Bus Drivers — Short Story by Sharon J. Wishnow


Brett Ratliff’s Whitesburg, KY Review by Music Editor John Freeman

Midnightville — Music by Mike Ward


Politics of Bodies and Land

Labor and Aesthetics Through the Lens of the Domestic

Reinterpreting Materials and Their Cultures

Local Vantages

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