We celebrate our milestone of 25 issues with these authors and artists in conversation with the theme “My Americana.” Thank you for an amazing 25 issues. We look forward to 25 more.  
—the staff at the museum of americana

reviews & interviews

Rites — Interview with Savannah Johnston

Savannah Johnston’s Rites — Review by Editor Ann Beman


Fistlike Mouth and Rotating Thoughts — Fiction by Sarp Sozdinler

Neck Bone — Fiction by Jay Ruben Dayrit

The American House — Flash Fiction by Lillian Howan

Oakes — Flash Fiction by Keith Lesmeister

The Walker — Flash Fiction by Marianne Villenueva


June 19 in History — Poetry by Ayokunle Falomo

and in the beginning and CNN Reports It Looks as If the Climber Has Finally Come to Her Senses — Poetry by Nicole Higgins

The Joys of Being Suppressed and What Will We Read in the Pages of History? — Poetry by Alixen Pham

The Eagle, Not the United States and Hand Over Heart — Poetry by Monica Rico

solidarity and “never meaning no harm” — Poetry by Matthew E. Henry

— Mother: and — Daughter: and Adeline and the Hum — Poetry by Rachel Nelson


Movie with Asian Cast Bingo! — Humor by Laura LeeLun

Good Girls Go to Heaven; Bad Girls Go Everywhere — Humor by Peggy Landsman


Manhattan is the Island of Misfit Toys and Wolf Girl — Music by Cornelius Eady

art & photography

Art by Sapira Cheuk

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