CapturyFriends, please put your hands together for our Best of the Net nominees. And when you’re finished, click on the titles below to re-read their excellent work.






Priscilla Atkins – “Letter to C, On the Road, Etc.”
Kathleen Kirk – “Making a Date”
Monica Berlin – “It’s true. There are places we’d rather be”
Dennis Hinrichsen – “Farm House (Burning Down)”
W. Todd Kaneko – “Crusher Blackwell Says There’s Something You Should See”
Cindy Hunter Morgan – “J. Oswald Boyd, 1926”


Rachel King – “American People: Five Vignettes” 
Curtis Crisler – “The Man in the White Suit” 


Allison Stine – “The Reformatory”
Zachary Hawkins – “Wild Hay”