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Congratulations to our Best of the Net Nominees

CapturyFriends, please put your hands together for our Best of the Net nominees. And when you’re finished, click on the titles below to re-read their excellent work.






Priscilla Atkins – “Letter to C, On the Road, Etc.”
Kathleen Kirk – “Making a Date”
Monica Berlin – “It’s true. There are places we’d rather be”
Dennis Hinrichsen – “Farm House (Burning Down)”
W. Todd Kaneko – “Crusher Blackwell Says There’s Something You Should See”
Cindy Hunter Morgan – “J. Oswald Boyd, 1926”


Rachel King – “American People: Five Vignettes” 
Curtis Crisler – “The Man in the White Suit” 


Allison Stine – “The Reformatory”
Zachary Hawkins – “Wild Hay” 


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