Hey, everybody — we just want to say thanks again for all the terrific submissions. We’ve been working hard to put together our lineup for opening day, and it looks like we’ve got it pretty close to settled. We may add a prose piece or two, but otherwise, how about this for first issue?

Oh, and expect us to publish around the third week of October. More news will start popping up shortly thereafter.



Erica Olsen’s Recapture – Review and Interview by editor Lindsey Griffin


Infestation – Chelsey Clammer


The Last Ballad of Loretta Lynn – Sean Conaway

A Brief History of Barbed-Wire and How It Affects and Does Not Affect the Life of Hannah Johnson Shoemaker – Joyce Goldenstern

The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery – Dan Mancilla


The Death of Conan the Cimmerian – Tony Barnstone

East Ohio Truck Stop – Scott Beal

Regret – Jenn Blair

If You Re-Write Springsteen’s Thunder Road – Jeff Cass

The Towns – Kathleen Kirk

B.B. King on His Bicycle – Norbert Krapf

My Son Points to a Confederate Flag and Asks What It Is –Christopher Martin

Dink’s Tune – Kevin Millar

Steerage – Dale Patterson

Grace at the Covered Dish – Pepper Trail

American Legion, 1964 – David Walsh

How the People of Woods, County, PA Lost the ‘G’ in Drinkin’ – Karen Weyant

art & photography

American Memento Mori – Mary Mazziotti

Lamentation – Kate Pollard

Deep Fried South – Tori Purcell