reviews & interviews 

Anthony Michael Morena’s The Voyager Record: A Transmission – Review by Editor Ann Beman

Interview with Anthony Michael Morena


The Continent Is Opening Up Before Him—Nonfiction by Doug Rapp

Speaking to Bike Heroes—Nonfiction by Laura Madeline Wiseman

Destination of Solitude—Flash Fiction by Erin Armstrong

A Depth so Familiar—Flash Fiction by Peg Alford Pursell


Wednesday, In Transit — Poetry by Rachel Adams

One Fatality — Poetry by Ace Boggess

Beneath the Highway, Between Two Nights — Poetry by Emma Bolden

Two Poems by Jennifer Clark

Two Poems by Will Cordeiro

Two Poems by Tom Daley

Carrying the Banner — Poetry by Amy Durant

Self-Portrait as Janis Joplin’s Porsche — Poetry by Susan J. Erickson

Two Poems by Dennis Hinrichsen

The Last Sleeper Car from Portland Heading Into the Columbia River Gorge — Poetry by Tricia Knoll

Cattle Trucks — Poetry by Eileen Toomey

art & photography 

Skateboarders and Klassic Karz — Art by Allen Forrest

The Art of James Froese

Photography by Christopher Woods