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Palacina Patterson—Nonfiction by Sharanna Brown

Two Flash Fictions by Christopher Merkner 

Three Flash Fictions by Linda Michel-Cassidy


Julia Ward Howe: Upon Observing Laura Bridgman In 1843 — Poetry by Christine Butterworth-McDermott

Four Poems by Steve Davenport

On a Photograph of Allen Ginsberg Committing an Act of Civil Disobedience, 1978 — Poetry by Benjamin Goluboff

I’ve never been good at directions or stars — Poetry by Marlin M. Jenkins

April 12, 1861 — Poetry by Kelly Morse

Dear Jason Robards, — Poetry by Laurie Posner

Riding the Tilt-A-Whirl, Elitch Gardens — Poetry by James Wilk

Two Poems by Sarah Ann Winn

art & photography

Before the Bulldozer and the Wrecking Ball — Photography by Jeffrey Alfier

Forgottonia — Photography by Jane Carlson