When I lost my father, I wanted time to stand still for a while. I wanted everyone who knew him and loved him to remain in mourning with me for as long as I felt my pain. I soon realized that shortly after his passing, life went on for everyone else. People moved on and continued to live their lives. This wasn’t their father, and that made sense, but it still bothered me. I sometimes felt like I was alone in the world. In a strange way I longed to go back to the moments when time felt like it wasn’t moving forward, and others were still crying with me.

I have always noticed roadside shrines and I realized after my own loss, perhaps the loved ones of these accident victims want the same thing that I wanted when my father died. Perhaps these people want time to stand still too. Maybe they want to remind everyone that the person they loved was here on this earth, and although others have moved on from or maybe never knew the person they loved, they are still lamenting this loss.

~ Kate Pollard, Artist

































































































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Kate Pollard studied photography at the Pennsylvania State University and went on to earn her masters degree in photography from the Edinburgh College of Art in the United Kingdom. Pollard’s work is focused around her personal relationships, and since the death of her father in 2007, her main photographic interest has revolved around how people cope with death and dying.

Pollard exhibits worldwide, and her work has been featured in such publications as American Photo (Images of the Year 2008), Portfolio Catalogue (UK) and DayFour (Germany), and most recently in the book Reframing Photography, published by Routledge Press.  She lives and works in New Jersey.