interviews & reviews 

Erica Olsen’s Recapture – Review by editor Lindsey Griffin

Interview With Erica Olsen


Infestation – Chelsey Clammer


The Last Ballad of Loretta Lynn – Sean Conaway

A Brief History of Barbed-Wire and How It Affects and Does Not Affect the Life of Hannah Johnson Shoemaker – Joyce Goldenstern

Hoppers – Paul Jaskunas 

The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery – Dan Mancilla


The Death of Conan the Cimmerian – Tony Barnstone

East Ohio Truck Stop – Scott Beal

Regret – Jenn Blair

If You Re-Write Springsteen’s “Thunder Road” – Jeff Kass

The Towns – Kathleen Kirk

B.B. King on His Bicycle – Norbert Krapf

My Son Points to a Confederate Flag and Asks What It Is –Christopher Martin

Dink’s Tune – Kevin Miller

Steerage – Dale Patterson

Grace at the Covered Dish – Pepper Trail

American Legion, 1964 – David Walsh

How the People of Woods County, PA Lost the ‘G’ in Drinkin’ – Karen Weyant

art & photography

American Memento Mori – Mary Mazziotti

Lamentation – Kate Pollard 

Deep Fried South – Tori Purcell