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reviews & interviews

Kelly J. Ford’s Cottonmouths – Review by Editor Ann Beman

Interview with Kelly J. Ford

Primitive: The Art and Life of Horace H. Pippin — Review by Editor Ashia Lane

Interview with Primitive Author Janice Harrington


An American Shopping Cart — Nonfiction by Jennifer Fliss

After–-Fiction by Angela Dawe

Just Leave the Damn Thing Open–Nonfiction by Joanne Nelson


Long Distance — Poetry by Brian Beatty

Dorm Room (Cornell, 1968) — Poetry by Tim Hunt

Two Poems by Kathleen Kirk

Two Poems by Rebecca Macijeski

Ferry Boat Line, Bolivar — Poetry by Lorena Parker Matejowsky

Two Poems by Rosemary Royston

Getting Here by Car — Poetry by Julia Shipley

Two Poems by Ellen Stone

Questions from the Women for Dorothy, Wife of Richard Cantrell . . . — Poetry by Kory Wells


Poetry & Collage by Sandy Longhorn


Five Songs by A.S. Coomer

art & photography

Photography by Tom Darin Liskey