reviews & interviews

Michael Gerhard Martin’s Easiest If I Had a Gun — Review by Brandy Whitlock

Interview with Michael Gerhard Martin — by Brandy Whitlock

Margaret Lazarus Dean’s Leaving Orbit: Notes from the Last Days of American Space Flight — Review by Julie Jeanell Leung


A Callous Gene — Nonfiction by Bernard Grant

The Farm on Staten Island — Nonfiction by Robert Iulo

Small Enough for Easy Travel — Fiction by Corie Rosen


Three Poems by Carol V. Davis

Slickwater and Sand — Poetry by Ruth Foley

Dancing Lessons — Poetry by Elizabeth Hoover

Inez Clark — Poetry by Francesca Kritikos

Goin’ Nowhere — Poetry by Kristie Betts Letter

Three Poems by Devi K. Lockwood

Two Poems by Micki Myers

Vertebrae — Poetry by Jeremy Michael Reed

Sputnik IV’s Fall — Poetry by Ronnie Sirmans