Student debt or Military?

What are the requirements to be in the Navy Seals?

Do people who have fought in real life combat enjoy playing “Call of Duty”?

If I got a girl in same Navy command pregnant, what will happen? Do we have to get married?

Are you good at covering your tracks?

pfcpaulolivier, are you worried your NCO is going to know it’s you? Or is that a fake screen name?

For a top secret security clearance, do they look at your Twitter account?

How many guns do you own?

Anyone else fallen asleep while rounds are heading downrange?

Would you shoot your battle buddy in the leg for 10 million dollars?

Don’t you just love people that don’t know the difference between assault weapons and assault rifles?

Does fighting in wars change people into the things they were fighting against?

Does the post exchange sell good quality diamond rings?

Who has a boyfriend at Ft Jackson right now?

What if there was an option to take pets with you to war?

If you were taken prisoner and they were going to chop off a body part but they gave u a choice what part would you choose?

What on a Swiss army knife would you be surprised to see the Swiss Army fighting with?

Isn’t it crazy that girls are being sent in to combat? Plz don’t answer unless you agree with me.

Do some Vietnam Veterans want to chat in private?

If you had a nuclear weapon, where would you hide it?

Is nuclear proliferation and mutually assured destruction a viable deterrent to war?

What makes someone choose to be a terrorist? Are all terrorists bad n wrong?

Do you think 20 civilian males can beat up 2 Marines? I feel it could go either way.

I’m writing my boyfriend his first letter in bootcamp. Any cute ideas?

Has anyone had experience with Military therapists and treatment on base?

Are we right for saying “happy Veterans Day”? What is really happy about it?

Why are there Veterans Day sales?

Who can lend me $50 till Friday?

Out of care package ideas. Any advice?

No one here ever talks about killing someone in battle. Why? Is there a subgroup for that?

History channel just said 2 million .50 cal machine guns were made during WWII, why can’t I have just one?

Am I strong enough to stay with someone who is in the Army?

Do you abhor political correctness and anti-Christianism in the military? Me, too.

Why if you block someone do you still see their questions?

Does anyone know some good rock songs about the military? Not a fan of country music.

Why do so many people come out of the military disgruntled and angry?

Anyone else divorcing a soldier?

Would you put your life on the line if it could set everything straight?

Who here is an Air Force officer? Any rank, though preferably colonel or above. I have questions.

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