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reviews & interviews

Tom Williams’s Don’t Start Me Talkin’ – Review by Editor Ann Beman

Interview with Tom Williams


Paper Clips — Nonfiction by Bernard Grant

A Case of Joni — Nonfiction by Andy Harper

Roadwork — Nonfiction by Amanda Lewan


For Shelter — Poetry by Dan Alter

Louis Armstrong Plays for His Wife in Giza, 1961 — Poetry by Jennifer Bartell

Waterways — Poetry by Willa Carroll

Two Poems — by Sean M. Conrey

Toasts to David Byrne — Poetry by John Paul Davis

Trespassing — Poetry by M. Brett Gaffney

Two Poems — by Amorak Huey

Doc Watson, Bailey Hall, Cornell, 1967 — Poetry by Tim Hunt

Train I Ride (1953) — Poetry by Jeff Knight

Two Poems — by Susanna Lang

Two Poems — by John A. McDermott

Four Poems — by Jon Tribble

Autobiography — Poetry by Gale Walden

art & photography

Bluesman Rip Lee Pryor — Photography by Mike Chervinko

Sound Art by Anthony T. Marasco