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interviews & reviews

Stephen Roger Powers’s Hello, Stephen — Review by Sandra Cohen Margulius

Interview with Stephen Roger Powers

Eleni Sikelianos’s You Animal Machine (The Golden Greek) – Review by Editor Ann Beman

Interview with Eleni Sikelianos


Counting Onion Slices With John Montgomery’s Knife — Nonfiction by Anne Montgomery

Marbles — Nonfiction by Bill Vernon


The Witch Goddess of Colder Climes — Fiction by Russell Hehn

You Can’t Stop the Tide — Fiction by John Mauk

Borderlands — Fiction by John Zic


Two Poems — by Liz Ahl

After a Stroke, My Mother Examines a Photograph of Joe DiMaggio Seated with a Young Boy Circa Late 1940’s — Poetry by Tom Daley

Elegy for a Sweathog — Poetry by Jeff Kass

Ghost Rabbits — Poetry by F.G. Mulkey

Photo from Our Only Trip to Riverside, CA — Poetry by Janeen Rastall

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson — Poetry by J.D. Schraffenberger

Two Poems — by Wendy Vardaman

Mississippi T — Poetry by Aaron Wiegert

art & photography

A Comic & A Portrait–Art by Chad Woody