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reviews & interviews

Blue Highways Revisited — Feature/Review by Editor Lauren Alwan

Interview With Blue Highways Revisited Photographers Edgar I. Ailor III and Edgar I. Ailor IV


Music for Blue Highways Travelers — Five Songs by Doug Hoekstra


A Southern Kaddish — Nonfiction by Terry Barr

The Art of Extinction — Nonfiction by Carolyn Kraus

Iowan Reverie — Nonfiction by Melissa Wiley


Three Flash Fictions — by Marc Sheehan


Two Poems — by Laressa Dickey

Two Poems — by Susan J. Erickson

Four Poems — by Alan Gravano

The American Boy — Poetry by Gahl Liberzon

Dick Dale Conquers the World — Poetry by John A. McDermott

Great Smoky Mountains — Poetry by Kim Roberts

Monday Morning Service — Poetry by Bonnie Stanard

Trish Deserves a Poem of Her Own — Poetry by Steve Trebellas

American Love Poem After Oz — Poetry by Wendy Vardaman

art & photography

tar & feathers — Art by Jordan Carr

Ambrotype Portraits — Photography by Laura Partain

The Insignificant — Art by Kate Shannon