the museum of americana

a literary review

Issue Five

Issue Five












from the editor

Introduction by Editor Justin Hamm

reviews & interviews 

Eric Shonkwiler’s Above All Men — Review by Editor Ann Beman

Interview with Eric Shonkwiler

Dobby Gibson’s It Becomes You — Review by Editor M.E. Silverman

Cindy Hunter Morgan’s Apple Season — Review by Editor Justin Hamm

Interview with Three Kansas Poets Laureate


The ‘I’ States — Nonfiction by Sheila Webster Boneham

Meandering — Nonfiction by Rachael Button

The Mud Hut — Nonfiction by Allison Coffelt

Monadnock on the Prairie — Nonfiction by Joyce Goldenstern

Wild Hay — Nonfiction by Zachary Hawkins


The Man in the White Suit — Fiction by Curtis Crisler

Under the Cottonwood Tree — Fiction by Keith Lesmeister


Five Poems — by Monica Berlin

Unincorporated (Welch, Minnesota) — Poetry by Colleen Coyne

King of the Barnyard — Poetry by Thad DeVassie

Armistice, 1940 — Poetry by Jennifer Fandel

Farm House (Burning Down) — Poetry by Dennis Hinrichsen

Crusher Blackwell Says There’s Something You Should See — Poetry by W. Todd Kaneko

War Memorial — Poetry by Susanna Lang

Three Poems — by Kristin LaTour

Three Poems — by Cindy Hunter Morgan

Steger Piano Works — Poetry by Steve Trebellas

Five Poems — by Michael Walsh

art & photography

Young Blood: Michigan’s Urban Youth — Photography by Daniel Farnum

Driven Snow — Photography by Andy Mattern

Subdivided Views — Photographs by Susan Moore

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