I’ve been collecting small iron and steel scrap metal from Pittsburgh streets over the past four years while photographing. Pittsburgh’s former characteristics as a 20th century industrial steel town are essentially gone today. This collection reflects on my native city’s former identity, and symbolizes its currently shifting landscape.

Aaron Regal, Artist


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Regal HeadshotAaron Regal is a street photographer, painter, and printmaker native to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aaron’s artwork concerns identity and transformation, analyzing social, economic, political, ecological, or technological conditions in flux. At other times he addresses more introspective themes pertaining to purpose, religion, and death. Aaron holds a BFA in 2D media from Carnegie Mellon University and is currently completing a Master’s degree studying Arts Management. Aaron is currently working in the Contemporary Art department at The Carnegie Museum of Art helping to organize the 2013 Carnegie International Exhibition. You can find more about Aaron at www.aaronregal.com or www.aaronregal.tumblr.com.