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reviews & interviews

Shana Youngdahl’s History, Advice, and Half-Truths — Review by editor M.E. Silverman

Interview with Shana Youngdahl


The Art of Reclamation: Tom Bartek’s Assemblages — Essay by James Cihlar

Old Saint Patrick’s: A Meditation — Nonfiction by Robert Iulo

The Art of Bloodletting — Fiction by Fred McGavran

The World is  a Puzzle — Fiction by Ugwu Stanislaus Nnachetam Stanislaus


Letter to C, On the Road, Etc. — Poetry by Priscilla Atkins

Carlos on the Mound  or Sweet Home Zambrano (of curse and command) — Poetry by R.L. Buss

Found Poems: Cultural Fragments of Missouri’s Antebellum Frontier — Poetry by Michael Hoerman

Barber — Poetry by Sherilyn Lee

Lines Composed a Few Miles Past the World’s Largest Can of 7-Up — Poetry by Marjorie Manwaring

Class Reunion — Poetry by Rick Marlatt

Q U A R A N T I N E S — Poetry by Kevin McKelvey

Three Poems by Colleen Michaels

art & photography

Sea to Shining Sea — Photography by Marleigh Dunlap

Past Inside the Present — Art by Sarah McDonald

Relics of an Iron City — Art by Aaron Regal