reviews & interviews

Instances of Head-Switching—Review by Editor Ann Beman

Interview with Teresa Milbrodt


Two Flash Fictions by Yash Seyedbagheri

Beyond the Glass Wall—Nonfiction by Matt Muilenburg

Card Trick—Flash Nonfiction by Lynn Domina

The Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln Run Backwards—Flash Fiction by Marc J. Sheehan


Three Poems by Brian Beatty

Can’t Stop Thinking About the Prison—Poetry by Ace Boggess

Birds of Long Island—Poetry by Boona Daroom

 After Reading John S. Willett’s Book of American Trivia—Poetry by Lynn Domina

Riding out the Pandemic in my Great Grandmother’s Bedroom—Poetry by Kelly Fordon

Tied—Poetry By Shana Hill

Hopper’s Railroad Sunset—Poetry By Marjorie Power

Middle Lane—Poetry By Nicholas Reiner

Two Poems by Ellen Stone


Rocking in the Pandemic with Simon and Garfunkel—Parody by Helene Cohen Bludman


Charlie Rauh’s The Bluebell—Review by John Freeman

A Brief Walk With John Prine and Vivien Thomas—by Michael Lauchlan

Don’t Talk Back: The Hidden Social Criticism of the Coasters and Songwriters Leiber and Stoller—Essay by David J. Lawson

art & photography

The Art of Red Shuttleworth