reviews & interviews

Sion Dayson’s As a River—Review by Editor Ann Beman

Interview with Sion Dayson


Dave’s Historic Trails—Fiction by Erica Soon Olsen

The Carpenter—Fiction by Judy Brackett

Mother in the Gloaming—Fiction by Judy Brackett

Three Flashes by Todd Mercer

Homegrown Tomatoes—Nonfiction by Michael Brantley

Something Wooden—Nonfiction by Terry Barr

Breathing Lessons—Fiction by Amy Barnes


Things Only Worked On Channel 3—Poetry by CL Bledsoe and Michael Gushue

Buying Used—Poetry by Jesse Breite

In America, we love firsts—Poetry by Jennifer Clark

Bess Knows from Being Buried Alive—Poetry by C. Kubasta

When Napa and San Francisco Were Far Apart (Summer, 1967)—Poetry by Tim Hunt

Two Poems by Denton Loving

Four Poems by Claire McQuerry

Two Poems by Jennifer Met


What if My Date Likes My Cat’s Instagram More Than Me—Nonfiction by Kristen Van Nest

Bigfoot Is a Close Relative—Poetry by Ronnie Sirmans

Obituaries for Unthinking New York City Pedestrians—Fiction by Natalie Sayth


Music by Pat V and the Detroit 3

Music by RG Evans

art & photography

The Art of Z.Z. Wei