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reviews & interviews

Tabitha Blankenbiller’s Eats of Eden – Review by Editor Ann Beman

Interview with Tabitha Blankenbiller


Cream and Sugar—Fiction by Olga Zilberbourg

Points and Lines—Nonfiction by Peter Amos

Everything You’ve Never Tasted in Taco Bell—Nonfiction by James Tate Hill

Memories of The Fisherman’s Wharf—Nonfiction by Robert Iulo

A Bowlful of Almonds—Nonfiction by Karen Llagas


Drowning in Molasses — Poetry by Ashton Nicole Allen

Fat Tuesday in New Orleans, 2010 — Poetry by Laura Bandy

Potluck — Poetry by Derek Barry

Two Poems by Lissa Kiernan

Mise en Place — Poetry by Sandra Marchetti

On My Fortieth Year Having Not Seen God — Poetry by Michael Meyerhofer

Grandpa’s Garden (Excerpt) — Poetry by James B. Nicola

American Diner — Poetry by Judith Roney

Corn — Poetry by Alexandra Umlas

Two Poems by Amy Watkins

special dessert

Bishop Sullivan–Music by Steve Cousins