reviews & interviews

Mark Kurlansky’s Salmon: A Fish, the Earth, and the History of Their Common FateReview by Editor Ann Beman

Interview with Mark Kurlansky


Lunch at Mark Twain’s Grave—Nonfiction by Scott Minar

For Unpolished Beauty—Flash Nonfiction by Don Noel

“Twisted,” Untwisted—Nonfiction by Amy Hassinger

A Confession—Fiction by Tara Campbell

The Magic Kingdom—Flash Fiction by JWGoll


America, proposal—Poetry by Dan Alter

Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska—Poetry by Katie Assarian

Lines for Sonny Liston’s Ghost—Poetry by Jack B. Bedell

Three Poems by Wendy DeGroat

Clothesline—Poetry by Lenny DellaRocca

INTER—Poetry by Katherine Fallon

Moonshine (Or My Mother)—Poetry by Crystal Condakes Karlberg

Two Poems by Abbie Kiefer


John Cheever Revises Reunion—Parody by Evan Allgood

Afraid of the Arch and Terrified by the Truss: My Fear of Bridges—Nonfiction by Linnea Cooley

FAQ’s for Moby Dick’s Whale Watching Adventure Tour!—Fiction by Sally Miller

The Memo—Fiction by Natalie Higdon


You’re Never That Far From Toledo: a survey of music, history, grandiose complacency, and talent export in the Glass City—by Ryan A. Bunch

Interview with Ryan Dillaha

Mike Galbraith’s Here, Elsewhere—Review by Emma Guzman

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The Art of Douglas Johnson