I have been writing poetry since 1967, painting since 1975, and writing for the theatre since 1987. My mother, a junior editor for Glamour and Vogue in the sixties, owned Gallery Esme in New York for a few years. Through my mother, I met Andy Warhol and art critic David Bourdon. The true painter in my family is daughter Ciara Shuttleworth. But I paint regularly and some paintings find their way into people’s homes. I have been told that what I do with paint is Repesentational Expressionism. My greatest admiration is for the work of Lucian Freud.

-Red Shuttleworth



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Red Shuttleworth’s poetry collection Woe to the Land Shadowing won the 2016 Western Heritage Wrangler Award for Poetry. His poetry has also received three Western Writers of America Spur Awards. In 2017, he was a Tanne Foundation Award in Poetry and Playwriting recipient. His poems, short stories, nonfiction, and mad screeds have appeared in many journals.  His plays have been presented widely.